Astral Projection

ThaBadbrey Herbalist has chosen to share his Personal Spiritual Diary with those who may be Interested in this type of Natural Phenomena. These Spiritual-Accounts include, but are not exclusive to “Experiences of Astral Projection”, “Past Life Regression-al as well as Future Life Progression-al Memories” & “Conversations with Spirit-Guides as well as many other ‘Otherworldy-Beings'”

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“ThaBadbrey Astral Traveller’s Tales” Series, of which Includes these written
Recollections of Astral Projection, as well as many other Spiritual Accounts,
Experienced & Recorded
ThaBadbrey Herbalist.

ThaBadbrey Astral Traveller’s Tales (Vol.1)
Astral Projection & SpiritGuide Communication

ThaBadbrey Astral Traveller's Tales

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