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As far as I understand it. Epilepsy is a disorder of the nervous system and thus, a neurological disorder, usually due to nerve damage as a result of mineral deficiency, stemming from a diet deficient in adequate & vital nutrients,
IE-: Essential Vitamins & Minerals.

The most crucial Vitamins and Minerals Needed for the fortification of the Nervous system are as follows;

B-Complex Vitamins
(Found in virtually all fresh Fruit, Vegetables Nuts & Seeds)
These Include;
B1 – Thiamin (Essential for the Circulatory/Nervous System)
B2 – Riboflavin (Essential for the healthy functioning of the cellular Life cycle)
B3 – Niacin (Essential for Nerve Health)
B5 – Pantothenic Acid (Extremely Good for Healthy Kidney/Adrenal Function)
B6 – Pyrodoxine (Extremely useful for hormonal imbalances, especially in women as well as its ability to lower “LDL” or “Bad” Cholesterol levels.)

Minerals (with special regard given to those that are metallic in nature, as they act as conductors in ensuring the transportation of nervous impulses, which are electrical in nature. Lack of these minerals leads to a compromised Nervous System and/or some type of Nervous disorder IE-: Epilepsy.)
These Include;
Iron (Absolutely Essential for healthy blood as it facilitates in the assistance of red blood cells in transporting oxygen around the body as well as its conductance of Electrical Impulses through the nervous system)
Iodine (Essential for thyroid health, Found in Sea Weeds such as “Kelp”, “Dulse” and “Nori”
Zinc (Again, a metal needed for electrical conductivity through the body via the central and peripheral nervous system as a whole. Found Mostly in Dark Green Leafy Vegetables, Nuts and Most berries/grapes.)
Magnesium (Another metal….found in mostly dark green vegetables!)
Manganese (Metal Again, found in den-den-Daaaar!……..Dark green Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds and Fruit)

Manganese, Magnesium and zinc are also found in high quantities in traditional medicinal herbs, especially those that help repair a damaged nervous system. These herbs fall under the catergorisation of “Nervines” as a result of the “action” that they have upon the human body during the healing process.

These Include;
Ashwaghanda (Seriously Powerful Aryuvedic (h)erb!!)
Black Cohosh (Helps restore Hormonal balance within the body)
Gingko Biloba(Known for improving Neurological Function)
Chamomile(More of a calminitive than a Nervine but still effective in regards to nervous relaxation)
Dandelion Leaf Tea(Contains Choline which converts into acetylcholine = the chemical responsible for allowing impulses to traverse the nervous system effectively)
Ginseng( Any type is fine, but Korean Ginseng is the strongest according to my research)
Gotu Kola(Also a nervine as well as a brain function/memory enhancer. As the central control hub of the human body, especially the nervous system, is the brain, this herb is extremely useful for those suffering from epilepsy)
Mullein Leaf( Extremely High in Iron)
Moringa(For blatantly Obvious Reasons…This Herb is just Serious!!!)
Hemp Seeds(Contains all 21 amino acids as well as Essential Fatty Acids: Omega 3 & 6 which work in conjunction with the healthy functioning of the thyroid)
Holy Basil AKA “Tulsi”(Very good for calming the nerves while uplifting ones mood)
Hops(This ting will knock you out if too much is taken at one time, depending upon ones tolerance levels of Erbs!, but extremely good for calming/repairing the nerves)
Schizandra(An all round adaptogenic herb often used as a tonic for the whole body, some people take this in isolation for every ailment regardless.)
Reshi”Mushroom”(Expensive, but a seriously powerful Chinese herb usually used as a tonic)
Rosemary (High in Copper, Magnesium, Manganese and Iron Minerals)
Valerian(This is also sedative and calming to the nervous system)
Vervain (A nice light sedative that calms the nerves without “Knocking-you-out for the count”..lol)

Also Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  can be taken to improve the health condition of the neurons in the brain due to the Ketones contained therein.
I recommend 2-3 tbsp Daily. As well as a diet high in fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds, preferably Organic where possible coupled with at least 2-3 litres of high quality water intake on a daily basis. As our bodies are 70% water, we need to constantly replenish this water via direct consumption, or indirectly via fruit & veg high in the content thereof.

Interesting Fact;
A large majority of Epilepsy Sufferers are Allergic to Wheat and have seizures as a result of its consumption.

Happy Healing.

Yours Truly

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