A Nutritional Approach to Healing

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Are you, or do you know of anyone who is currently suffering from some type of “disease”?

If so, help may be available in the form of nutrition. It is an absolute fact that within this day & age, where many individuals purport to be members of this so called civilised society, many seem to exist within a state of “accepted” ignorance when it comes to the true nutritional value of food. This is due to the fact that most individuals have become so out of touch with nature itself (or “herself” for those of you that are that way inclined) that most are now almost entirely dependant upon the governmental authorities/bodies and/or large scale commercial food manufacturers to advise them upon matters pertaining to the constitution of a healthy diet.

The sad truth of the matter is that the governmental authorities and the majority of large scale commercial food manufacturers are but a highly interconnected and intertwined singular organisation, that of whom do not have the best interests of the health of “Us” the people at heart. Rather than promoting foods that are indeed healthy to consume in terms of vital nutrients, naturally occurring vitamins and organic mineral content, they instead choose to promote highly processed “junk”, most of which has been filled with carcinogenic and/or toxic chemicals. They then have the audacity to call this “food”.

The various poisonous substances contained therein, include a myriad of artificial and/or synthesized additives, colours, flavour enhancers, sweeteners and preservatives. A large majority (around 95 – 97%) of which, have been included in the famed (or infamous) list of “E.Numbers” , listed on the backs of packaging of most processed “food” on the supermarket shelves today. This is due to the fact that these toxic additives and chemicals can be utilised to increase the shelf life of particular food items, as well as causing certain “foods” to become extremely addictive. These two factors in conjunction generate a great deal of profit for the government in general as well as the various large scale commercial food manufacturers. The downside to this highly lucrative profit margin is that these so called “foods” are actually one of the “root” causes of “disease” within the modern world.

Now, as most (not all) individuals seem to not pay great attention to what is actually going into their bodies in terms of nutrition, and the effects that these “foods” may have upon their long term health, a large majority end up becoming ill and/or suffering from some type of “disease” of some kind as a result of a lifetime of “Poor Dietary Practises”. It is at this point of illness, where most usually choose to adopt a healthier lifestyle and may look into making a drastic change to their dietary regimen as an attempt to regain the health they once possessed. Most will seek out guidance from their local General Practitioner (GP) and/or Dietician. It is at this juncture, that further ignorance in regards to “real” nutrition is adopted.

The truth is that most “Doctors” as well as a large majority of “Dieticians” have very little idea as to what constitutes a healthy diet. Reason being, that most obtain their nutritional information from the same source as the individual who sought their guidance as a result of suffering from a particular disease, which was caused by the same “incorrect” nutritional information in the first place. This source, being the governmental authorities/bodies and large scale commercial food manufacturers who have no interest in the health of “Us” the people.

The majority of that which is promoted as “healthy food” are in actual fact, (contrary to popular belief) completely and utterly “Unhealthy”.

These include;
Artificially Sweetened Beverages of any Kind
Commercial Fish, Meat & Poultry
Commercial Food products derived from Animals (Commercial Eggs, Commercial Cheese, Pasteurised Milk, Pasteurised Yoghurt..etc )
All Genetically Modified Foods (GMO Foods) including Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts.
(Highly)Processed and/or De-natured Foods of any kind.
Refined Sugar
Refined Salt
Refined Grains (Wheat/Gluten)
Refined and/or Hydrogenated Oils

There is much more that can be added and elucidated upon with regards to what has been listed above, but it would take up too much space within this somewhat, brief document, if you will.

The bottom line is this;

In order to maintain a state of higher-vibrational health and wellbeing, whereby you will be “virtually” free of all so called “disease”, it is imperative that a healthy dietary regime is adopted as soon as possible. All “foods” containing any or including that of which has been stated in the list above, must be “cut-down” upon if not completely eliminated from the diet all together. Especially if you are suffering from any of the so called “incurable conditions/diseases” such as; Acne, Asthma, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Eczema, Fibroid Tumours, Genital Herpes, High Blood Pressure, HIV, Psoriasis, Sickle Cell Anaemia…etc to name a few. If this first step does not take place, then there is a high probability that you may become noticeably “sick”, and if you are already “sick”, you will be more than likely to remain “sick” as a result.

All processed “junk” must be replaced with a diet that is high in fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds, preferably “organically” grown and preferably eaten within their raw state. This will ensure that the correct amount of vital nutrients, naturally occurring vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the bodies of “Us” human beings, thus keeping “Us” within a state of vibrant health as nature intended.

Shown Below is a “Food/Dietary Pyramidal Structure”, Detailing, in Pictorial Form, What Human Beings Should Consume, In Order to Maintain a State of Higher Vibrational Being, As Well As the Proportions in Which this “Real-Food” Should Be Consumed;

The True Diet.

The society we live in at the moment is rife with a plethora of misinformation concerning nutritional health and it has taken me a number of years to sift through a large majority of it in order to arrive at some form of viable truth. After completely changing my diet and going through a number of detoxification processes in conjunction with “taking” a variety of cleansing medicinal “Herbs”, I was able to completely rid myself of Acne, Eczema and Chronic Urticaria after being told by doctors that there was no “solution” to these health problems.

In conclusion, I will state that;

To every action, there is a reaction of the same force and magnitude, but instead, being opposite in polarity. Hence we have “Up & Down”, “Left & Right”, “Light & Dark”, “Masculine & Feminine”..etc. It is via this same line of reasoning that it can be ascertained that there is a “solution” to every type of so called “disease”. If there was not, then the “disease” in question would not be in existence…This is basic “Cosmic Law”.

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(((Due To Time Constraints, “Nutritional Consultations” are No Longer Available)))