ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula

ThaBadbrey Body Boosting Formula!Due to Popular Demand, “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula” has now been made Available, and can now ONLY be purchased here, Exclusively, at ThaBadbrey Herbal.

This Herbal Formula was born into physical existence circa June 2012, during a time in which I was coming to the end of another one of my personal yearly “Detox” cycles. As a result of this fact, the main goal I had in mind, with regards to the utilisation of this Herbal Formula, was the Rebuilding, Maintenance as well as Enhancement of the Immune System as a whole, as I readied my body for the coming winter season ahead.

After only 4 weeks of daily use, I soon realised how Truly Powerful & Potent this Herbal Formula actually was, in terms of Health Enhancing Capability!

Some of these are as Follows;

Accelerated Hair Growth
The first Health Enhancing side-effect that I noticed, was that the hair at the “Edges” of my Hairline, had begun to thicken, as well as that of my Eyebrows, which seemed to have become considerably thicker, darker and more Rich-Looking! Not only was this the case, but I also came to the realisation that my Facial Hair to, had begun to grow at an Accelerated Rate, which caused me to have to trim/shave much more often than I had to previously!

Accelerated Nail Growth
“ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula” also caused my nails to become much thicker and stronger, as well as to grow at a seemingly Super-Accelerated Rate(up until this time, I found that I usually had to file my nails every 4–5 days or so, to keep finger nail length in-check. However, after just 4 weeks of taking this product on a daily basis, I found that I had to almost constantly cut, as well as file my nails every 3 days, just to keep them at a comfortable length. Sometimes, I even found myself filing and cutting my nails every 2 days! This I found slightly annoying to some extent. Why?!?, you may ask; Well the reason being, is due to the fact that I play the Piano to a somewhat Advanced Level, which means that I sometimes have to play extremely complicated passages, at a relatively high speed. In order to accomplish this seemingly complicated technical task, if you will, it helps if the nails on my fingers are kept relatively short. However, in this instance, it seemed that the presence of “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula”, within my then freshly detoxified physical body, had caused my finger nails to grow “Far-Too-Fast” for my liking, and as a result of this Health Enhancement, I found that very often when playing, my finger nails would get stuck between the piano keys at regular intervals, due to their “Body Booster Enhanced” new found length, much to my frustration I might add).

Enhanced Skin & Clearer Eyes
One of the many Health Enhancing abilities of “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula”, that I will always emphasise more than the others, is its ability to enhance the appearance of the Eyes & Skin. As many of you may have gathered and/or already be aware of, my diet consists of approximately 80 – 85% Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, as well as the fact that I personally make by-hand, and ONLY use my own Cosmetic products, each of which are entirely comprised of 100% Organic Ingredients of the Highest Quality possible(basically, my policy for Cosmetic product use is as follows: “If I can’t Eat said Cosmetic product safely & without risk of being Poisoned, then I DO NOT put it on my Skin”). So, as generally expected as an inevitable result of my lifestyle choices, I tend to have extremely vibrant & healthy looking skin. Hence, I did Not think that there existed any other product, that could cause my skin to look even more healthy as a result of its use. However, “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula” seemed to indeed prove me wrong! After 4 weeks of use, my skin seemed to glow more than I’d ever seen before in my life, despite my healthy lifestyle. It also seemed to have a profound effect upon the appearance of my eyes, which seemed to become considerably clearer and brighter as a result of daily use of this health enhancing Herbal Formula.

Needless to Say,
Many family members and friends began commenting upon the health enhanced appearance of my Skin & Eyes,
and made comments such as;

“What is it that you have been doing to your skin?, something looks different about you, you’re looking more healthy than you usually look”


“Your hair looks Really,….. Really Healthy, and your eyes look Super-Clear, what have you been doing/taking? Can you make me some of it, how much do you charge for it?”…..etc

I even had random people come up to me on the street and ask if I was wearing “Make-Up”, due to the “flawless” appearance of my skin. The combined culmination of all of these aforementioned Health Enhancing factors, then brought the existence of “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula”, to the attention of even more people. Who, as a result, would then make all the many more inquiries, regarding the availability of “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula”, to which I always answered, “It’s Not Available for Sale yet, it’s coming Very Soon”, much to the disappointment of many a customer.

I have used “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula” from June 2012(the time at which this Herbal Formula, was first manifested on a physical level) to the present day, and have witnessed some Amazing Results(some of which have already been mentioned). Also, during this period, many individuals(other than myself) who have also had the opportunity to use this product themselves(as a result of them constantly badgering me, to make a small amount of “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula” available for their personal use), have also experienced its Health Enhancing capabilities Firsthand! This of course, then inevitably led again, to even more requests from customers, who would constantly ask me as to when & where, “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula” would be made Available for Sale!

Due to popular demand, it is now being made Available to Even more people! I mean, why should I keep this Extremely Potent & Powerful, Health Enhancing Herbal Formula to Myself, when I can share the Health with All of You!

This product owes most of its potency to the main constituent components that it is constructed from, all of which are 100% Organic Superfood Ingredients of the Highest Quality Possible! These are as Follows: MSM Sulphur, Moringa Leaf Powder, Spirulina Powder, Food-Grade Sodium Bentonite Clay & Pink Himalayan Rock Salt.

A Brief Descriptive Summary of These Ingredients, as well as the Beneficial Health Implications of Each of these, when utilised, in Isolation, is Shown Below:

MSM(Methylsulfonylmethane) Sulphur Powder (100% Organic)
Organic Bio-Available Sulphur, is an essential mineral requirement of human beings, in terms of its ability to assist, repair as well as maintain, the Higher Vibrational Health & Wellbeing, of the human physiological structure as a whole. Human consumption of MSM Sulphur has been scientifically proven to greatly improve the strength and integrity of the bones, especially the ligaments and joints, and has been utilised by individuals who have been diagnosed with Arthritis, to reduce, partially alleviate and in some cases, completely eliminate the so-called common “aches & pains” associated with this health ailment or condition, if you will. MSM Sulphur also has a similar therapeutic effect upon the muscles, and can help to greatly reduce the healing time required for muscular injuries. Regular uptake of this mineral has also been shown to increase the growth rate & structural strength of the Hair & Nails, as well as possessing the ability to improve the health of the Skin, due to its role in the constituent structure of Keratin(the building block of the Hair & Nails, which contains a large amount of the Amino-Acid “Cysteine”, which in-turn contains a high quantity of Sulphur).
Now, the sad truth is that a large majority of human beings who reside within so called “Modern Society”, are actually deficient in MSM Sulphur, due to the fact that the soil in which almost all plant foods consumed by human beings are grown, and thus, harvested from, are deficient if not completely depleted of this mineral altogether. The mineral deficient aspect of modern soil, serves as a salient reminder of the inevitable outcome, manifesting as a negative side-effect, of the repeated overuse of farmland by modern humans over a prolonged period of time. Put simply, unless you are growing your own organic produce within mineral rich soil, you can expect to only have access to and/or be provided with mineral deficient food as a result. Hence, the reason as to why so many individuals who dwell within “Modern Society”, find themselves to be suffering from the various health ailments, that can manifest as a result of being deficient in this mineral. These include “Arthritis”, “Brittle Bones”, “Prolonged Muscular Recovery Time after Exercise”, “Thinning Hair” and “Brittle Nails”. But not to worry, “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula” contains a high amount of this essential mineral, in conjunction with many other high quality organic ingredients. The MSM Sulphur used in this formula is 100% Organic, and is sourced from Pine Trees in Canada. It is indeed, MSM Sulphur of the Highest Quality Available, and it just so happens to have been gracefully included within this product for your human use!

Moringa Leaf Powder (100% Organic)
Moringa Leaf Powder is one of the most powerful health enhancing plants available upon the planet today, and is a rich source of Beta-Carotene/Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Vitamin C. Not to mention the blood purifying Chlorophyll content of this amazing herb. The health benefits of Moringa alone, are truly “Out-of-this-World”, and not enough can be said in regards to its other additional health enhancing abilities, that haven’t already been mentioned elsewhere upon ThaBadbrey Herbal. website, as well as the rest of the International Network(colloquially known to most as simply, “The Internet”)on a global scale. For more in-depth information upon this herb, ClickHere -> More Info on Moringa. Moringa Leaf Powder has been available here at ThaBadbrey Herbal. for quite some time now, due to the obvious fact of it being extremely beneficial to health when used in isolation. So, how wonderful is it,  that it has now also been included, as one of the main constituent ingredients within “ThaBadbrey Booster Formula”!

Spirulina Powder (100% Raw Organic)
Spirulina Powder, sometimes referred to as “Blue-Green Algae”, is a blueish-greenish freshwater algae, that is extremely high in a number of health beneficial vitamins and minerals.
Some of which Include:
Vitamin B1(Thiamine): Essential for the health of the various bodily systems including the Cardiovascular/Circulatory, Gastrointestinal and (especially the) Nervous System.
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): Essential for the smooth and efficient function of the cellular life cycle, via the maintenance of a healthy balance of Sodium and Potassium in and around each cell, and thus serves as a healthy blood pressure regulator.
Vitamin B3 (Niacin): Essential for nerve health as well as maintaining healthy cholesterol levels of the blood. It is also instrumental in the bodily breakdown and utilisation of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, as well as being a contributory factor in the synthesis of reproductive hormones.
Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin): This is an Extremely Important and Essential Vitamin, in which a large majority of individuals within “Modern Society” are deficient, regardless of their chosen diet. Vitamin B12 is essential for cellular health, as well as the general good health and wellbeing of the overall Nervous System. Some of the detrimental results of Vitamin B12 deficiency, may include a lack of energy, extreme tiredness and the loss of sensation within the finger tips and toes. A lack of Vitamin B12 can also contribute to Menstrual Problems, Anaemia and allergies such as Asthma, Eczema and Hives. It is therefore of no surprise, that these health conditions seem to be a common occurrence within today’s “Modern Society”!
Iron: This Essential Mineral is vital for the health of the blood, as it facilitates the transportation of oxygen around the human body. A lack of this mineral usually inevitably leads to various types of anaemia. Iron is also very essential for nerve health, due to the fact that it is metallic in nature. Metallic minerals, when present within the human body, act as conductors of the many electrical impulses that seem to continuously traverse the various nerve fibres, which constitute the entire Nervous System. Hence, a lack of Iron, can and often does lead to a lack of energy and/or lethargic behavioural patterns, exhibited by human beings who may be deficient in this mineral.
Amino Acids (Protein): Spirulina, not only contains all the vitamins and minerals alluded to above, it is also comprised of all 8 of the Essential Amino Acids, that human beings are unable to naturally synthesise within the body, and therefore utilise, without first obtaining them from dietary sources. These Amino Acids, when ingested by human beings, are then able to conjoin with the remaining other 12 (or 14, depending upon your school of thought) Amino Acids that are indeed already present within the human biological structure, to form what is known as Protein. In other words, Spirulina is a good source of plant Protein, of which it contains in an extremely high quantity.

The Spirulina chosen to be utilised in contribution to “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula”, is a 100% Organic yield of the Highest Quality, and is sourced from Hawaii, where it is Organically Cultivated prior to being harvested.

Sodium Bentonite Clay (100% Organic Food Grade)
Bentonite Clay Powder is the name that has been colloquially ascribed, to a substance derived from the volcanic-ash deposits of Ancient Volcanoes. From which, it has been sourced for hundreds of years by the indigenous peoples of this planet, and utilised for its incredibly powerful healing abilities, which have been held in extremely high regard for centuries. Although upon first glance, this incredibly useful, healing and therapeutic substance appears to onlookers who have an untrained-eye, to be merely just “a bunch of dried dirt or mud”, it is in actuality much….Much…MUCH, More Than This! The Chemicular(yes, this is actually a ‘Real’ word, as far as I am Structure of this substance, bestows upon it the ability to act as an extremely efficient astringent, that can either be applied topically to the skin and used as a facial cleansing cosmetic, in the form of a “Face Mask”, after being mixed with water and applied as a paste, or the dried powder itself, can be taken with water internally as a drink, to be used as an intestinal detoxifying agent. Bentonite clay, when utilised via the former or the latter method as previously described, has the ability to absorb many harmful toxins from the human body, including heavy metals, pathogenic viruses, pesticides and skin parasites, as well as those of the intestinal tract. This is due to the negative electrical charge that is created when it is mixed with water, which causes it to expand and miraculously attract and absorb parasites and toxins, in the forms described above, like Water to a Sponge! After which, these toxins are bound within the clay itself and excreted out of the human body, at the inevitable end(or anus at the end) of the fully completed digestive process. This then, thus results in a healing and detoxifying effect upon the body, as well as providing a much needed boost to the Immune System as a whole! This is why Sodium Bentonite Clay (100% Organic Food Grade), was an obvious and perfect choice, during the ingredient selection process, prior to the formation of the Herbal Formula in question, and it makes a great contribution to the formulation of  “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula”!

Pink Himalayan Rock Salt (100% Organic & Free from Toxic Additives)
Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, is a natural unrefined type of sea salt, that is sourced directly from the Himalayas, where it has been naturally formed for thousands of years, by MotherNature herself. This is without a doubt one of the best alternatives to the toxic “TableSalt” available in today’s so called “Modern Food Supply”. Why? You may ask; Well, put simply, salt(otherwise known as Sodium Chloride), is very much needed within the human body(contrary to the information regarding this subject, that you may have already been exposed to, via the various mainstream media outlets). Sodium is an essential mineral requirement, for the maintenance of the general good health and wellbeing of human beings, as it works in conjunction with Potassium, to assist in the maintenance of correctly balanced Cellular Osmotic Pressure (Put Simply; the presence of both of these minerals within the human body, helps to ensure that each individual cell does not become compromised, in terms of structural strength and/or integrity, which can lead to cellular death, amongst other detrimental health effects as a result). “But isn’t too much Sodium bad for you?” I hear you ask, well; In this case, MotherNature has built in a natural mechanism whereby it is physically impossible for the human body, to absorb too much salt of this particular type. This is due to there being present within Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, many other trace minerals, including Magnesium as well as Potassium, which naturally balance out, greatly reduce and/or completely eliminate, any harmful effects that the presence of Sodium in isolation would usually have upon human physiology(For Example, Toxic Commercial “TableCrap”…..sorry, I meant to say “TableSalt”, contains an unhealthy over-abundance of Sodium, in dangerously high proportions to any other minerals that it should contain, but in actual fact Does Not!, This is the reason WHY, said Toxic “TableSalt”, tends to greatly assist in contribution, to the many other additionally existing causes of High-Blood-Pressure, presently experienced by many individuals who reside within today’s “Modern Society”). In addition to the beneficial presence of Sodium and Potassium contained within Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, also exists other health beneficial minerals, including Calcium, Chlorine, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper and Iron to name but a few. 100% Organic Natural & Unrefined Pink Himayan Rock Salt, has been particularly chosen by ThaBadbrey Herbal., based upon its mineral dense composition, and therefore makes an excellent addition to “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula”, due to its ability to greatly improve and/or maintain the health of the Immune System within human beings, as a beneficial result of the minerals contained therein.

ThaBadbrey Preparation Method
Now, in addition to the collective contribution of all of the aforementioned, extremely health beneficial ingredients alluded to above(“MSM Sulphur”, “Moringa Leaf Powder”, “Spirulina Powder”, “Food-Grade Sodium Bentonite Clay Powder” & “Pink Himalayan Rock Salt”), after each ingredient has been set out in the correct proportions, and combined accordingly with one another, the combined culmination of this collective manifestation of Higher Vibrational Health & WellBeing, is then taken to, and through the final preparation stage. This process involves a special and specific methodological approach (the details of which will not be divulged here), that takes a further three days in total to complete, in Full Entirety. After which, the newly Finished & Finalised Herbal Product, “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula”, is then finally at its Full Potency!, Ready & Waiting to be Utilised by Human Beings, to Assist in the Higher Vibrational Health & WellBeing of this Planet as a Whole!

How is “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula” to be Taken & What is the Recommended Dosage?
The recommended adult serving size is, to begin with, 1/4 tsp per day, mixed in water, fruit juice or sprinkled over food, then to gradually increase to a tbsp.

& Finally
“ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula” is finally available here at ThaBadbrey Herbal., at a Relatively Low Price of just £20.00 per 100 grams! We Hope you Enjoy the Improved Health that this Product is Indeed Fully Willing & Able to Provide to You via its Use, and We Wish Higher Vibrational Health & WellBeing, to All Those who so Choose to Utilise this Powerful Herbal Formula, for the Benevolent Purpose of Increasing the Vibrational Frequency of this Planet as a Whole!

ThaBadbrey Body Boosting Formula!

ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula (Herbal Formula) 100g
Price: £20.00 (Shipping Only to UK Mainland – Free Delivery!)
(Due to High-Demand, This Product is in Limited Supply! Order Now to Avoid Disappointment!)

If Requested, Each Individual Herbal Formula of this Nature & Type, can be Astrologically Adjusted to Suit your Individual Needs! For More Information on this Aspect, Please Contact ThaBadbrey Herbal. via:

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