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Is Vitamin C Important?

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Is Vitamin C Important? Well, this “Vital Amine” is essential for the health and wellbeing of “us” human beings. Why?, this is due to the fact that unlike most mammals in the animal kingdom, human beings are unable to create/synthesise Vitamin C within the body, and must therefore obtain this essential vitamin via dietary means.

Vitamin C is essential for; the healthy formation of collagen in our skin as well as gum health, cellular formation in the bones & teeth, and connective tissues such as ligaments & cartilage. It also aids in the maintenance of healthy oxygen levels within the brain, and due to its “anti-oxidant” action, is extremely beneficial to overall cellular health of the body as a whole. Vitamin C is also believed to be a cancer preventative, as it seems to prevent food additives such as “sodium nitrate(E251) & sodium nitrite(E250)” from converting into nitrosamines (which are known to be carcinogenic) within the body. Additionally, this extremely health beneficial vitamin helps to strengthen the immune system, and thus increases the body’s ability to fight against “dis-ease”. The vitamin is also known to act as an antihistamine as well as an anti-inflammatory within the body, making it extremely efficient when utilised for the treatment of the so called “Common-Cold”.

Deficiency of Vitamin C can lead to various skin/blood disorders such as scurvy & anaemia, as well as several bone disorders which commonly include painful and/or tender ligaments & joints. Also, nicotine and nitrogen compounds like those found in cigar-ettes,(or ‘Baby-Cigars’ as I refer to them) have been shown to deplete the body of Vitamin C, hence the reason why “smokers” are at a greater risk of this type of vitamin deficiency, than those who choose not to voluntarily inhale these hazardous fumes, as a detrimental result of Addiction/Peer-pressure/Stress and/or Lack of Discipline. In similar respects to this detrimental act of “smoking” or “Bunnin-it-Down“, as it is sometimes referred to in various parts of London, (for those of you who may be Astrologically Inclined) individuals who have strong influences of “Taurus” or “Libra” within their Natal Charts, would need to ensure that their Vitamin C levels are kept in good stead. Especially if they happen to be “smokers, as “Taurus” governs the neck, trachea & bronchioles, while “Libra” governs the lungs amongst other “paired” organs found within the human body.

The “Vitamin C” purported to be contained within the tablets/supplements found on sale within most commercial stores, should not actually be considered to be “Real” Vitamin C as far as I am concerned. It is instead a synthetic version called “Ascorbic Acid”, and was first synthesised in 1933 by Tadeus Reichstein. This version of Vitamin C is not as readily absorbed by the body, as oppose to that which is found in natural & whole-foods. The best sources of natural and easily absorbable Vitamin C, are Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, especially that which is found in Citrus Fruits, and (even more so) that contained in the large majority of various Dark Leafy Greens!

Furthermore, these aforementioned “wholefoods” also contain essential phyto-nutrients, that work synergistically with Vitamin C while within the human body, and thus assist in the creation of an increased abundance of Higher Vibrational Health & WellBeing in the “long-run”, just as nature intended in the first place.

To answer  the proposed question, “Is Vitamin C Important?” the answer is Yes! Vitamin C, is without a doubt, one of the most important vitamins of them all, as the level of Vitamin C in terms of dietary intake, has a profound affect upon the health and wellbeing of human beings on many levels.

P.S.-: The allergy known colloquially as “Hay-Fever”, is a histamine response by its very symptomatic nature. Therefore, if you “suffer” from this “affliction”, it is advisable for you to;

“Increase Your Intake of Vitamin C”

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