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Payment Process:

For “Package 1: ThaBadbrey Fundamentals (Basic Natal Reading)”, “Package 2: ThaBadbrey Transits” & “Package 3: ThaBadbrey Horary!”, a Payment Invoice will be Emailed directly to you, Before or After the Astrological Service has been provided.

Payments for these above x3 Packages can be made at anytime Before, During or After the Astrological Reading itself. This can be done via Credit Card, Cheque, PayPal or Direct Transfer. Although it is not necessary, it is Recommended that Payments for the above x3 Packages are made in Advance, as this will guarantee that you are Given First Priority on the Waiting List.

For “Package 4: ThaBadbrey Election! (Electional Chart)”,Full-Payment must First be received by ThaBadbrey Herbal., before any Electional Chart can be prepared.

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