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ThaBadbrey Nutritionist Says;

I haven’t come here to play around, let me get straight to the point…Got Milk?!?!?


Some years ago,
It came to my attention that the purported ideology of “Dairy Consumption by Human beings”, to be of some type of beneficial activity in regards to its effect upon human health is, in fact, complete non-sense.

Human consumption of any & all dairy products obtained and/or derived from the Cow is, as far as I am concerned and aware of, an extreme behavioural abnormality exhibited by a vast majority of human beings, who reside upon this planet within so called “modern” society. There are very little to virtually NO health benefits to taking part in this behavoural abnormality on the whole, in anyway. Unless, of course, you are partaking in some type of flawed and/or feeble attempt, to transform yourself into the creature shown below;

The Creature of Choice

Why would I make such an exclamation in allusion to the creature shown in the above image? You may ask. Well, put simply, the milk generated and, therefore, extracted from the Cow by its natural offspring, the calf (baby Cow), has been designed for a specific purpose.

NOTE: A Specific Purpose!

The Specific Purpose being, to facilitate in the growth cycle of the calf, and thus enable it to double its size within the first six months of life. In order for this to take place efficiently, specific genetic information must be correctly encoded, placed within and thus contained within the milk produced, and therefore supplied by its mother, in a form that is compatible with the calf’s own genetic make-up.

NOTE: A Form……. Compatible with the Calf’s OWN Genetic Make-Up!

These Genetic Instructions Ensure that it can go from This (View Animalistic Image Below);

Baby Cow (Small)

To This (View Image of Six Month Old Calf, Shown Below) Within Six Months ;

6 Month Calf

The genetic information contained in Cow’s milk, is NOT compatible with that of human beings. Why? You may ask, and I shall answer by saying;

“We Are Not Calves, Neither are we Cows. We are Human Beings. We are, Therefore, NOT Suppose to be in the Business of Attempting to Transform Ourselves into Cows, in Anyway Whatsoever!”

What exactly happens to “Us” human beings whenever we do take part in the erroneous behaviour of consuming Cow’s milk, or any other product derived from this creature?

Okay, first of all, dairy should not be classed as a food that is fit for human consumption. Although it is a food per-se, it is NOT for “Us” to consume, as it is designed for the Calf…… that it can double its size within the first six months of life(as I stated earlier above! You may notice that I keep labouring certain points, as I feel as though a large majority of individuals, who are “addicted” to dairy products, seem to conveniently suffer from a case of acute “Hearing-Loss/Selective-Hearing” when it comes to this subject matter). Now, When a human does choose to consume a health detrimental dairy product in one form or another, the genetic information contained therein, begins to attempt to carryout the instructions bestowed upon it, by its creator (the Cow!).

Obviously, it is highly improbable that these genetic instructions, will be properly carried out within the human physiological and/or biological structure, to their full potential and entirety, due to the fact that “We” are NOT Cows. However, there are some physiological changes that do take place within the human body as a result of dairy consumption, that are indeed detrimental to human health & well being as a result.

Some of these are as follows;

This appears as though it should be a “Common-Sensical” conclusion, in-light of the aforementioned information shown above, pertaining to the milk of the Cow, and its ability to double the size of a Calf within six months, based upon the genetic information contained therein. However, a large majority of people seem to be completely unaware of this fact. So allow me to state this; Upon the consumption of dairy by a human being, the genetic information contained within this product, will distribute genetic instructions within human physiology, and thus cause the development (or should I say degeneracy) of the human body into a dis-ease state, recognised and identified as that of obesity. This is common sense. If you are an individual who is “trying” to lose weight, then it would be within your best interest, to eliminate all dairy from your diet as soon as possible.

Skin Ailments/Problems: Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis..etc
With regards to skin health, it should be made to be, and remain to be seen as common-knowledge, that dairy in itself is in fact an extremely high acid forming “food”(for want of a better expression), in that it causes acid to form within the human body. As a result, when it is consumed by “Us”, the human body thus initiates the creation of a mucoid-plaque-layer/mucous, in an attempt to protect the delicate tissues of its biological/physical make-up, from being damaged as a result of an acidic exposure of this nature & type. The human body then attempts to eliminate this “mucous” via the many major eliminative channels of the human body. IE-: The Colon, The Kidneys, The Liver, The Respiratory System, The Vagina and The Skin. (Although diary consumption is not the only cause of dis-ease within these areas of the body, it is one of the main culprits in regards to the various ailments usually encountered within these areas, ESPECIALLY the Respiratory System & The Vaginal Canal)

Now, whenever the human body resides within a state of dis-ease, there is a high probability that one or more of these channels of elimination will have become compromised in someway or another, having become clogged-up with all sorts of “crap”, as a result(usually due to a lifetime of poor dietary choices). In such circumstance, the usual behavioural outcome that the human body seems to adopt, whenever it is ascertained that one or more of its major eliminative channels have become less than efficient, in terms of usual optimum operational parameters, is for it to alternatively, “dump” the majority of these trapped toxins (in this case, the mucous created in response to diary consumption) into the lymphatic System, and therefore, the Bloodstream & the Skin, as a last ditch attempt, to rid the body of this “toxic crap”, as a last resort. Hence we have the familiar instances of the many cases where an individual may fall victim to developing Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis and/or any other adverse skin condition, as a result of diary consumption. If you suffer from any type of adverse skin condition, I would advise you to Eliminate diary from your diet immediately.

Udder Sucktion

NOTE: The mechanical Milking Machines used in the diary industry (As Shown in the Above image) are very often made to create an artificial & machine driven hydraulic suction force, that is so extreme, that it not only extracts every last drop of milk from the udder, but it also extracts some blood & biological tissue, as well as parts of the inner lining of the udder, all of which end up being contained within the commercial milk that some individuals choose to drink. Not to mention the antibiotics that are routinely injected into the Cows as a means of “fending-off” dis-ease. As these synthetic antibiotics are really, in reality, “man-made” poisons, they very rarely have any long term beneficial effects upon the health conditions of the Cows in question, often causing a multitude of other more serious health conditions/dis-ease states, as a detrimental side effect of being administered in the first place(which in turn, defeats the whole conceptual purpose of the administering of said “poison”….sorry, I meant to say “Antibiotic”). These antibiotics also manage to somehow find their way into the commercial dairy products that some individuals STILL choose to consume on a regular basis. Regular diary consumption may have a direct link to the recently reported cases of a condition labelled “Antibiotic Resistance within Humans”. Furthermore, some Cows are fed genetically modified Corn, M&Ms(yes, I AM talking about the chocolate) and in some cases, the brains and fecal matter of other Cows. All of which inevitably end up being embedded within the various dairy products seen on sale on today’s modern supermarket shelves, in some way or another.

I am fully aware that some may choose to insinuate, that the pasteurisation process ensures that the majority of harmful bacteria/chemicals found within milk, are neutralised. However, this is not entirely true, as the pasteurisation process not only kills harmful germs, it also eliminates that which is beneficial. This “good” bacteria is responsible for allowing the milk to become “sour” after a certain time period, without spoiling or beginning to decompose, and due to this bacteria now being absent(due to the process of pasteurisation), the milk in question, is now more liable to begin decomposing much sooner, as a result of the newly present harmful bacteria that are now able to thrive at an accelerated rate.

Oestrogen (Cancer, Fibroid Tumours..etc)
In addition to the above note, within the commercial dairy industry, cattle are given medication in the form of synthetic oestrogen, in order to keep them within an extremely unnatural state of lactation all year round. As a result, the quantity of oestrogen contained within the bodies of these Cows, and therefore, the diary products that are derived from them, is far too high. Now, this same hormone (oestrogen), although naturally present within the human body, is completely different to that which is given to the Cow. How is this? You may ask; Well, firstly, it is Natural Oestrogen and secondly, it is present within the body in relatively safe quantities, so as not to cause any detrimental health effects as a result of its presence. In stark contrast, the oestrogen administered to the Cow however, is not only a synthetic poison, it also, upon entering the human body via diary consumption, causes a state of cellular confusion.Reason being, that oestrogen is known to stimulate cell growth, causing cells to divide as a result. An over abundance of oestrogen(in this case, synthetic oestrogen which is even more detrimental than an over abundance of that which is natural) within the human body can thus cause an increase in cellular growth as well as an accelerated rate of cell division within the breasts, as well as the uterus. Please be aware that there is a direct link between the consumption of diary products and the increase in incidents of breast cancer and fibroid tumours.

Osteoporosis (Extreme Calcium Deficiency)
So what about Calcium? I hear many people ask. Now, please be very aware that it is Physically Impossible for human beings to efficiently absorb any calcium from any diary product. In Fact, dairy consumption actually causes calcium deficiency. How? As I stated earlier, diary is an extremely high acid forming “food”, and the body therefore defends itself by creating a mucous/mucoid-plaque barrier as a means of protecting itself from this acidic invader. In doing so, it also draws upon the calcium deposits in other areas of the body (especially the bones), as a means to help neutralise this acid. This is what causes calcium deficiency which can eventually lead to Osteoporosis.

Note: There is more of an abundance of bio-available Calcium content prevalent within the majority of dark leafy green vegetables, than in any dairy product. This is why Elephants, Giraffes, Gazelles, Goats & Oxen, are NOT calcium deficient, despite the fact that they do NOT consume milk. They consume Green Vegetation and therefore obtain all the calcium they need from this food source.

Why are you so Addicted?
Many who make a healthy attempt to make drastic changes to an otherwise extremely unhealthy diet, are usually inhibited by their perceived inability to give up diary, especially the consumption of cheese. This phenomena has very little to do with the diary itself as a whole, and has more to do with a key family of phosphoproteins that are contained within it. This group is known as Casein and makes up around 80% of the proteins found in Cow’s milk. Casein has been shown to break down into casomorphins whilst in the human body, which have an opioid effect(similar to morphine/heroine which plays a major role in causing the user to become addicted to the substance) upon the human brain, causing what I call “Cheese-Addiction”. Are You Suffering from Cheese Addiction?

Now, the casein and its effect upon the brain and therefore, the addictive behaviour exhibited by mammals as a result of its consumption, is a well documented & known scientific fact within the field of study of mammalian biology. As this substance breaks down into casomorphins, it causes the suckling young (the calf in this instance) to become “addicted”, and so it continues to return to its mother to feed upon, and thus absorb more milk as a result. This chemically induced mechanism ensures that the calf consumes enough milk to enable an accelerated level of growth to take place, and thus double its size within six months(Remember, we as human beings, are not trying to double our size at an accelerated rate within six months or any amount of allocated time for that matter, as we are NOT Cows! The only time we partake in this type of activity is during our early years when we are breast fed by our mothers, an even then, this “breast feeding” does not continue for the duration of our entire lives, it STOPS shortly after we are weaned off of our mothers milk!) Mother Nature has purposely ensured that casein/casomorphins are present within the milk of most mammals in order to create an incentive, that coaxes the newly born animal to continue to yearn for the milk of their mothers, which inevitably leads to an increased rate of growth, health and vitality within the young mammal in question.

If you are having extreme difficulty in giving up Dairy, IE-: Yoghurt,Cheese…etc, it is reasonable to assume that you are “Addicted”, and are therefore, a “Drug Addict” who needs to “Kick” this habit. My advice to you is as follows;

“Develop Some Willpower/Discipline and stop Being a Slave to Cheese!”

Spiritual/Religious Implications of the Consumption of Cow’s Milk
Without going into too much detail;(since this is the “Nutrition” section and not that of which has been allocated to the subject of “Spirituality & Philosophy”) In many cultures, the Cow or Bull is/was perceived to be some type of sacred deification and/or reflection of the celestial image, seen in the sky up above, in the form of an anthropomorphised constellation. In addition to this, a solar event called the vernal equinox takes place once a year during spring, in which event the sun resides within a particular constellation of the zodiac for the duration of roughly 2000 or so years. This duration is known as an age, and each time the sun moves into a new solar house during this seasonal spring period known as an equinox, it is said to mark the beginning of a new age. An age typically lasts for around 2000 years. The sun therefore resides within one solar house or astrological sign for the duration of approximately 2000 vernal equinoxes. After this 2000 year period (approx), the sun moves seemingly backward in motion, from the perspective of those observing the heavens from earth, upon the backdrop of the constellations of the zodiac.(The sun currently resides in either Pisces or Aquarius, during the vernal equinox of today, depending upon your school of thought, a subject of which I will not go into detail upon at this point, as it will take too much space and time).

Based upon my own independent research, it is reasonable for me to assume that at one or more points in antiquated history, the sun did indeed reside in the constellation of Taurus (or the Bull), during the vernal equinox that took place over a 2000(approx) year period, of the ancient spring experiences of antiquity, which thus marked the return of the sun and that of abundance, fertility and new life for human beings of that time. This is the reason why the mythology surrounding the deity known as “Apis”, involved the sanctification of the Bull within various religious rituals, which are believed to have taken place at the time of this vernal equinox in ancient times.

Shown Below, is a Depiction of the Celestial Bull Apis;Apis

It also gives some indication as to why Het-Heru(Hathor), is always pictured with horns upon her head, in conjunction with a golden disk(sun/heavenly yoke of fertility) in between them.

Shown below are various images of Het-Heru(Hathor), Who is also Sometimes depicted with the head of a Cow;

het_heru1 (Stone)


As mentioned, the image below, shows Het-Heru(Hathor) depicted on the Right of Anpu(Anubis) with the head of a Cow;

Anpu Het-Heru

Additionally, this religious and/or spiritual connection, also points to some sort of allusion to the reasoning as to why the famous “Bull-Run” is still practiced in Spain, as well as the “infamous” bullfighting bouts which still take place in the same country today. A somewhat gruesome practice that involves the act of matadors killing(sacrificing, and sometimes being killed or seriously injured by the Bulls themselves) Bulls in front of a large crowd of people. Incidentally, Bullfighting takes place mainly in Spring, while the actual “Bull-Run” itself takes place in July after the Spring equinox has passed.

Shown Below is a Picture of the Infamous “Bull-Run”;

Suicidal Behaviour

Shown Below is an image of the Bullfighting bouts that that still take place between Matadors & Bulls today;

Suicidal Behaviour 2

In the time of Moses (or “Thutmose”, and if the biblical accounts are to be taken as historical manuscript, rather than a “mish-mash” of allegory, cryptogram & historical manuscript all rolled into one), the vernal equinox had just began to be taking place within the astrological constellation of Aries/The Ram/The Lamb. This is why Moses was/is often associated with “The Lamb”, as his arrival and/or leadership marked the beginning of a new age in “history”. This is also the reason for his perceived anger in the “famous” biblical account, that describes his actions and behaviour when he returned from mount Sinai, with the Ten Commandments in hand(really, this is taken from the 42 Laws of Ma’at, but I am not going to expand upon this aspect at this point…let me stay on topic) and saw that “his people” had donated and melted all of their jewellery, and formed this collective material into a Golden Calf(representative of Apis/The Bull/Het-Heru/the Previous Age). Moses then destroyed/smashed the stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments, as he was angered by the fact that “his people” were still caught up in the bygone age of the Taurus.

moses calf

An Intriguing Observational Note: It is interesting that in Astrology, the sign of Taurus is associated with Beauty, Indulgence and the Planet Venus(the Planet of Fertility, directly relating to Het-Heru/Hathor and the Celestial Bull that was once present at each vernal equinox during ancient times). Also, in Medical Astrology, the zodiacal sign of Taurus is also associated with governing the neck, trachea & upper part of the brochioles(which just so happens to form a major part of one of the major eliminative channels of the human body, the Respiratory System/Lungs). Now, as dairy consumption is often viewed by those who consume it, as a form of indulgence, those who are sun or moon-sign Taurus, and/or have a strong emphasis upon Taurus within their Natal Chart, may discover that they may have more of a predisposition to developing an “addiction” to dairy products(particularly cheese), and as a result seem to very often become afflicted by some type of ailment that effects their lungs, trachea/respiratory tract and/or throat.

Now, back to the topic, as I was saying,…. (and I am skipping a lot of information here for the sake of brevity). This sacred symbolism of the anthropomorphisation of the constellation of the Bull/Taurus, onto the actual biological animals of this particular bovine species, that still walk the earth today, has not only led to the various proponents of many religious belief systems deifying and/or sanctifying this creature, but it has also led to this(Image Shown Below);

Does the Image Shown Below Make Any Sense?

straight from the cow udder

Look at the above image and think!
Ask yourself this question, “Given the Opportunity, would I actually partake in the activity seen exhibited by the human shown in the image above?”

If the answer is “Yes!”, then I would advise you to stop reading this newsletter Right-Now. If your answer is “No!”, and yet, you have partaken in the activity of consuming dairy products in the not too distant past, then know this; Each and Everytime you consumed a Diary Product of any sort, you were inadvertently becoming the embodiment of the somewhat “hideous” image shown above. Additionally, you were making an unconscious attempt to transform yourself into a Fully Grown Cow. (Yes….The Creature Shown Below);

The Creature of Choice

Note: Although there is currently some debate upon whether or not these statistics are True or Not. It is generally believed that around 75% of the global human population, is lactose intolerant. This leads me to believe that it is within our best interests as human beings, to avoid the consumption of Pasteurised Cow’s milk (or any other Dairy products derived from this animal for that matter) at all costs.

The Only reason that the Consumption of Diary is Promoted by the various commercial “food” manufacturers and/or the government, is due to the fact that dairy products in conjunction with the consumption thereof, is the perceived  pre-requisit-ial and fundamental aspect of a Multi-Billion Dollar/Pound industry, that is based upon the exploitation of Cattle, as well as that of the uneducated “Mob” of people, who buy into this non-sensical behaviour, as a result of marketing and media propaganda. As far as I am aware, this has all been deliberately implemented, for the sole purpose of causing and inflicting all manner of dis-ease pain and suffering, to other living organisms in the name of generating a huge profit at such an expense, as is completely contrary to the mission of ThaBadbrey Herbal..

I Shall Conclude by Saying This:
Next Time you walk into a Supermarket and you begin to “Crave” and/or are within Clear Eye-shot of any Dairy Product/s, Remember and Recite the Following Words (Shown Below);

“I Am NOT a Cow. I Do Not Wish to Transform Myself into a Cow. I Do Not Intend to Transform any of my Family or Friends Into Cows! I am a Human Being, I am NOT a COW!”

Thanks for Reading.

Yours Truly

ThaBadbrey Herbalist

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