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You are about to read a Spiritual/Philosophical Newsletter. This issue dealt with the often ‘misused’ term “Paganism”, and was emailed to a few friends and family Members in early January 2009.

It Reads as Follows;

You are about to read a Badbrey Newsletter…

This issue deals with an Axiom called “Paganism”, the fact that I am giving an explanation of this term thus goes against the fact that it is an axiom at all, however if the appropriate research was carried out, it would be.

I commonly come across individuals who continue to state something along the lines of, “I don’t deal with that kind of thing, I am not a pagan, I stay true to what I believe”

Well, I will just say this; Based upon my research into this subject I have found that there is no such religion called “PAGANISM” paganism is actually a category of which encapsulates a wide range of religious belief-systems and practices spanning across the ancient world, right up to an including that of today.

Whether individuals choose to accept it or not, it is “true” that all mainstream religions (or should I say, belief-systems) are variations of the old authentic and original “paganistic” systems which involved the “utilisation” (for want of a better expression) of the forces of nature. These systems were prevalent throughout the ancient world. Today it is common place to state that these ancient peoples were “primitive” and that they actually worshiped the Sun, Moon, Stars and all of the elements upon the earth. However, they possessed a much deeper understanding of this real-ity with great regard to;

1. The Various unseen Worlds that operate parallel to our Own
2. The Interactive relationship between these realms and our Own
3. The Creational Energies, symbolised by the Sun and Moon usually personified as deifications of gods and goddesses
4. The Effect that the heavenly Bodies in our solar system have upon the esoteric nature of MAN and upon real-ity itself.

(One example of this is the Dogan people of the Sudan who possessed extensive knowledge of the Sirius star system as well as the very description of heavenly bodies which occupy that system. All this they knew and had pictures of long before western astronomers announced that they had discovered  this system. check link below for more info;

There are more examples but it would take up too much “Space and”)

This is the main reason why a lot of the old “Shamans” / “Holy Men” / “Witch Doctors” / “Zanussi’s”…etc were sought out, “Rinsed” for their knowledge and then killed by those in power. This was done in conjunction with the burning of various ancient libraries in an attempt to filter out as much of the “truth” as possible. Such knowledge was wrongfully and purposely labeled as “EVIL”, “WORK OF THE DEVIL” and/or “PAGAN”.

The knowledge of old (of which many call PAGANISM) is the very foundation of all mainstream religion as well as the today’s society, worldwide.

Christianity and Islam can be seen as the two children of Judaism, where Judaism is the offspring of the older religions of the ancient world. (I wont go into detail, will take too long).

These three mainstream religions are nothing but remixed variations of those of old and have been used by those in power to manipulate and control the minds of the masses. One of the myths perpetuated by those in power is;

“Anything that does not exist within, or is not in agreement with the paradigm of your personal belief-system is therefore PAGAN and EVIL” (This statement I view as akin to a line of computer programming that most people adhere to without question. The reason why, based on my experience, is because it has been ingrained into their subconscious. Therefore, their conscious mind will produce any form of rationalisation to justify anything that is in agreement with this line of reasoning.

I once read a book called “The Dosadi Experiment” by Frank Herbert, an interesting quote read as follows;

“Present an idea that is in agreement with that of the subconscious mind and the conscious mind will agree and follow without question”

Well, those of you that are familiar with computer programming would know that a “Syntax-Error” can exist within any attempted line or command. This is the reason why when presented with certain nonsensical questions in the past, I’ve replied by saying “Bad Command or File Name”….lol)

The perpetuators of the above mentioned DOGMATIC command of “If it doesn’t fall in line with my personal belief system, then it must be evil and pagan”, do not however, state the truth that the three mainstream religions in today’s world (Christianity, Islam & Judaism) can be grouped under the “CATEGORY” of “PAGANISM” based on their origins and systems of worship. Ha!

This one weren’t too long those who are interested will read up & research for more info anyway.

You have just read a Badbrey Newsletter…

End of Newsletter Entry from 18th January 2009


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