The Purpose of Dogma

You are about to read a Spiritual/Philosophical Newsletter. This issue was emailed to a few friends and family Members in early January 2009. Hope you Enjoy it.

It reads as follows;

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It seems that most individuals find it extremely difficult to break away from what they are used to in terms of their ideological consensus of what “life” actually “is”.

It is perhaps less than apparent that the purpose of these ideologies (and in some cases, systems of control) is to provide a learning exercise for those who are involved. The purpose of this exercise is, based on my experience, to break free. By doing so, one will realise the importance of the “whole” in question.

This in turn should, or would lead to the physical, metaphorical, allegorical, etymological, epistemological as well as the spiritual realisation of the trivialities we seem to place within the category of “Utmost Importance” in our everyday lives.

If by partaking in the action of “Breaking Free”, one is led to one or more of the following;

1. Feeling Lost
2. Not knowing What to Do Or think
3. Fear of what will happen to you after Death
4. Fear of what your family, friends and/or Colleagues may think of you
5. Fear of Establishment or Institution you may be a part of
6. Nervous Breakdown
7. Low Self Esteem
8. Isolation
9. Loss of Identity

Then, one is not ready to be “unplugged” and should either remain within ones comfort-zone until the time is right, or just remain within it for the remainder of this cycle (or should i say, Forever lol.)

May I just add that, after breaking free in the first instance, some or all of those listed above will undoubtedly become a reality for a specified period, they are but one of the natures of the “red pill” and will soon pass, but only if you are ready.

For those who may believe that i am attacking anyone or anything in particular…….

You are absolutely correct, I AM attacking any form of unintellectual, biased or backward way of thinking which seeks to negate the action of critical-analysis in a conscious or subconscious attempt to obscure or denounce the origin of the purported thought-form or thinking-pattern in question.

Now, of course the above statement  can be broken down, critically analysed and deemed to be a fantasmic elucidation of  a  circular or moral argument that therefore has no answer, and that is exactly my point!

As I always say for those of you that know me,……..

This is a DOGMA Free Zone.

I am in no way saying that I AM MORPHEUS, I AM FREE, FREE YOUR MIND. All I am saying is why not “try” to transcend it altogether………………………..I’m still trying lol

You have just read a Badbrey Email………………………..

Stay Tuned for more Badbrey Newsletters in the coming weeks.

End of Newsletter Entry from 3rd January 2009

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