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    Danika Thomas June 9, 2016


    Do you have any Moringa leaf powder for sale.

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      ThåBãdbrèy Hērbalîst. June 10, 2016


      Moringa Leaf Powder was discontinued around this time last year due to the market being saturated with a plethora of various Moringa Leaf Powder products. It was and still is so Readily Available from other sources on today’s market, that to continue selling it was making a loss here at ThaBadbrey Herbal.

      With that being said, a brand new product called “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula” was made available to the public for the first time last year and is still available exclusively here. This product does contain Moringa Leaf Powder as well as many other High Quality Premium 100% Organic Ingredients. Due to the Nutritional Composition of “ThaBadbrey Body Booster Formula”, it has been proven to increase hair growth as well as detoxify the body overall. More on this Product can be found Here ->

      If Moringa Leaf Powder becomes available here at ThaBadbrey Herbal. again, I’ll be sure to keep you informed.

      ThaBadbrey Herbalist

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    ThåBãdbrèy Hērbalîst. August 18, 2015


    The “Sage Cleansing Sticks” have been discontinued for now due to lack of demand. However, if a higher number of people request that this product be offered on Sale here again, more new stock will definitely be ordered!

    I’ll be sure to keep you informed if this does occur in the future.

    ThaBadbrey Herbalist

  3. Reply August 18, 2015

    sir could you please let me know when you have the sage cleansing stick in please so i could purchase some

    thank you

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