Who Should “Wear” (Dreads / Dread) Locks?

You are about to read a Spiritual/Philosophical Newsletter. That which is written below was done so in September 2010 in response to a question I received via email, asking whether or not I think that white people should wear (dread)locks or not.

The Question asked was; “Why Shouldn’t White People have Dreads?”The Response Reads as Follows;

The term, “Shouldn’t” in the context within which it is mentioned , is based upon an assumption that “White-People”, shouldn’t have “dreads”, and that, there is, therefore both an “informed” and “Reasonable” premise upon which an opinion, as to why this is the case, is based.

Based on my research, many ancient cultures wore there hair in this “fashion”, ancient Egyptians, Ancient Hindus etc……. representing knowledge, wisdom/ connection to the spirit world etc………

So, within context (and to cut a long story short), why should “white people” have “dreads”, if a deep “Spiritual” connection seems to be lacking within most of the individuals I have come across, in my experience, who are of this particular ethnicity.

However, in contrast to the above, I have also come across many “Black-People” who also possess a great lack of spirituality and wisdom but still choose to wear their hair in “dreads” (not really a contrast is it, more like a similarity lolol).

In conclusion, it seems as though some individuals within this so-called modern society choose to “sport” this type of hairstyle as a traditional symbol of knowledge and wisdom whereas, others prefer to “floss” (lololol) this style of “hair-wear” as purely a fashion status. The latter may or may not suggest a lack of knowledge and understanding on the part of the individual who is “sporting” the aforementioned hair style but it is not a true reflection of what the style is suppose to represent (based on my research).

I could go into the whole “9 Ether/6 Ether” discussion and the interaction of the “Cosmic-Rays” with the etheric body as well as the hairs on the human head and its effect upon the spiritual nature of man both esoterically and exoterically but it will take to long. What I “have” given so far is my opinion based upon my research.

Thats my answer, thats my 2 pence lolololol


End of Response from 29th September 2010

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