Astrological Readings

Due to Popular Demand
Astrological Readings Have Now Been Made Available To The Public!!
Are Now Being Offered On An International Level

Astrological Readings - ThaBadbrey Herbal.

Packages & Pricing

There are Three Packages from which you have the Option to Choose.
These are as Follows:


Package 1: “ThaBadbrey Fundamentals” (Basic Natal Reading)

This Package Covers:
Utilising The Planetary Placements, Houses & Aspects within Your Nativity Chart, to give A Detailed Verbal Synopsis of Your Life from Age 0 to Present + How This Relates to Your Personality & Behaviourisms.
Delivery of Package 1: Conducted Verbally In Person, via Skype, WhatsApp or Over the Phone.
The Pricing for Package 1: “ThaBadbrey Fundamentals”
Is as Follows:

• Price: £60.00 per Hour


 Package 2: “ThaBadbrey Transits” (Natal Reading + Current Planetary Transits)*Very Popular**

This Package Covers:
Everything Covered in Package 1 + How The Current Planetary Placements, Houses & Aspect Positions are
Affecting Your Life at the Present Moment  + How this May Affect Your Future.
Delivery of Package 2:
Conducted Verbally In Person, via Skype, WhatsApp or Over the Phone.
The Pricing for Package 2: “ThaBadbrey Transits”
Is as Follows:

• Price: £60.00 per Hour


 Package 3: “ThaBadbrey Horary!” (Question Based Reading)*Very,Very Popular!!!**

This Package Covers:
• Utilising the Astrological Chart to Answer Specific Questions about your Life
As well as the Lives of Those Around You, Including Work, Career & Relationships…etc
• Using the Current Planetary Positions to Locate Items or Lost Property, Missing Objects,
Missing Pets or Missing People.
• Utilising the Astrological Chart to Predict Future Events Including:
Deliveries(When a Package is Likely to be Delivered),
Train & Bus Arrivals(When a Train or Bus is Likely to Arrive)…Etc
…….Plus Much More!
Delivery of Package 3:
A Detailed Astrological Analysis & Answer to the Question asked, will Either be
Delivered in Writing via Email, &/or it will be given Verbally In Person, via Skype, WhatsApp
or Over the Phone, dependant upon Personal Preference.
The Pricing for Package 3: “ThaBadbrey Horary!”
Is as Follows:

• Price: £30.00 per Question

Click Here-> To Read The Guidlines On How To Ask a Horary Question Effectively


 Package 4: “ThaBadbrey Election!” (Electional Chart)

This Package Covers:
• Seeking-Out & Fine-Tuning the most Astrologically Auspicious Date & Time,
to Initiate a Specific Activity.
This Includes: Attending Court, Launching a Business, Having a Wedding, Having a Party….Etc
…….Plus Much More!
Delivery of Package 4:
1. A Detailed Explanation of the Activity being pursued, as well as
The Time-Window in which the said Activity is to be Initiated, must first be
Fully Explained to, as well as Understood by the Astrologer.
2. Payment for this Package Must then be made In-Full.
3. The Astrologer will then Prepare an “Electional Chart” for the Activity in Question, within 5-7 Working-Days.
4. An Election Date & Time of Elected Commencement of the Activity in Question,
will be Emailed to you. A Copy of the Electional Chart, as well as a Detailed Explanation
of the Astrological Mechanisms, that are At-Work within the Electional Chart itself,
will also be Included in this Email.
The Pricing for Package 4: “ThaBadbrey Election!”
Is as Follows:

• Price: £120.00 per Electional Chart 


Click Here-> To Select & Pay for Your Chosen Package


Click Here-> To Register Your Details + Package Choice & View Payment Options


Click Here -> For More Information On The Terms & Conditions of The Above Astrological Services Provided



  1. Reply
    Rianna RW August 31, 2017

    ThaBadbrey was really able to provide me with both and insightful and accurate natal reading. I’ve always had an interest in astrology, but not actively had a reading before. I was recommended to ThaBadbrey by a good friend as a result of services he offers which I am truly thankful for. He was able to look at my birth chart and take me step by step along the chart from birth until present day and explain certain situations and events that have occurred in that time which really allowed me to put a lot of things into perspective. He was very patient and attentive and was able to answer my questions in a non-judgmental way. I found him to be really personable, friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable which isn’t always easy when discussing pivotal events in life. I look forward to having another reading in the near future.

  2. Reply
    Jacqui November 1, 2015

    This was my first time having a reading and I admit I was slightly apprehensive about having it done. However, from initial introductions I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed whilst in the presence of Tha Badbrey. I found him to be incredibly patient and helpful. His readings were accurate and he took time to explain his findings. I left with lots of food for thought and feeling clearer about my ‘next steps’towards a brighter future. Many Thanks Tha Badbrey, I have already told friends about you and are now keen to have their readings done.

  3. Reply
    Amaya September 8, 2015

    Amazing Reading!!!!!!
    The service and information given during the readings are astounding, profound and delivered in a non judgemental way. I recommend thabadbreyherbal as a first point of call!! Thank you so much for providing this service. It is what is needed in this ever changing climate of living.

  4. Reply
    Danika Thomas September 4, 2015

    I found the reading to be very insightful and helpful. I also found it to be accurate. I’d highly recommend ThaBadbrey. He is very gifted at what he does.

  5. Reply
    Natalie July 22, 2015

    My reading helped me on my journey to discovering my spiritual gifts and purpose. I will definitely return to for future readings.

  6. Reply
    Ausar Furion July 8, 2015

    Sometimes in life we find ourselves semi stationary, lacking the answers we need to move forward. Sometimes we’re just searching for the confirmation to things we all ready know deep at our core. What ever it is a reading is the best place to start. Having something which leads to introspection is always a blessings!!! 10 out of 10 Hetep

  7. Reply
    Gavin April 11, 2015

    A very good reading with a clear over standing of my path in life right now. Thanks for this. Peace

  8. Reply
    Tekla April 8, 2015

    Had an in depth Astrological Reading, it was fascinating how accurate and detailed it is, it has opened my eyes to the energies and possibilities that surround me. Highly recommended

  9. Reply
    Rachel April 3, 2015

    My reading was very accurate and helped me to look at the bigger picture in different areas of my life.
    I was amazed at how comfortable I felt through out the reading.
    Highly recommend x

  10. Reply
    Tekla March 10, 2015

    I received a in depth reading, it felt like I was taken into a journey into myself, I recommend the service, professional and confidential

  11. Reply
    Amaya March 7, 2015

    I have had many astrological readings from Tha Badbrey which were extremely accurate. The readings informed me about parts of myself that I previously did not understand about myself and provided me with clarity. Tha Badbrey is excellent at what he does, professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely endorse and recommend his services!

  12. Reply
    shantall March 6, 2015

    I enjoyed my astrological reading, it was accurate and a detailed explanation of my issues at the time.

    Having an in depth explanation of what was going on helped me to make sensible plans.

    Since my reading I have managed to accomplish many things because I no longer go around in circles.

    Thank You.
    Leave a Reply

  13. Reply
    Caroline March 6, 2015

    The reading I had was very insightful and in-depth. It was very humbling to be face to face with my Negative traits. Badbrey, was very welcoming and straight on point. He is a very blessed individual. Highly recommended

  14. Reply
    sophia March 4, 2015

    Had a reading done about 6 months ago such an eye opener. It highlighted alot about myself and give me an insight to why I do certain things in my life

  15. Reply
    Angelina March 4, 2015

    At last! It’s about time! I’ll spread the word!

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