The Source ( Ether )

You are about to read a Spiritual/Philosophical Newsletter. That which is written below was done so in September 2010 in response to a question I received via email;

Question ;”Is there a greater force than us here on earth…some call God.some call most high.some call the man up above?!”

The Response reads as Follows;

Yes, the “Ether” itself which has been conceptualised, personified and deified by many societies since ancient times. These conceptualisations include the many so-called religions and the personifications are the deities considered therein.

This perceived general consensus of reality, however is but a physical manifestation of ourselves, created by ourselves via ourselves = the Ether itself. Most so-called “Holy-Books” explain this creational process in basic terms, usually involving allegory mixed-in with metaphor and historical accounts (All of which is rolled into one, causing more confusion in the process lolol).

There are also imposters who have “taken advantage of/infiltrated” this “division of self” (manifested by the many existing dogmatic belief systems) and are posing as “God/Most High/The Man Above” lololololol. These negative entities have partially succeeded in the “short term” but they will inevitably fail in the “long run” lololol

However, the underlying driving force of this “God Concept” is the source from which all is derived, the “Ether” itself…………….(According to what I have researched)


End of Response from September 30th 2009

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