The Division of Self takes Many Forms

You are about to read a Spiritual/Philosophical Newsletter. That which is written below was done so in October 2010 in response to a question I received via email, asking why skin colour is such an issue in today’s society when we are all the same species known as the Human Race.

Question:Why is skin color such an issue in society….and why is it called racism when we all the same species or so called human race?

The Response to this Reads as Follows;

According to my sources;

The issue of skin colour is but another version of the “Division of Self” within society.

My research indicates that during ancient times, the human race was categorised according to the “Tribe” that each individual group belonged to. Many reserachers postulate that these began with the; Shemites, Hamites and Japhites. These “Tribes” are thought to have emerged to repopulate the world after the last “PoleShift/Deluge/GreatFlood”.

(This type of natural occurring disaster is a common occurrence which acts like a kind of “spin-dry-cycle” occurring every few thousand years, or so, for the purpose of allowing those who are ready, to “ascend” while those who are not, remain here for another cycle until they have reached a stage where they are ready to move on to the next stage of conscious existence. We are currently within the fourth cycle at present or “The Fourth World” as the Mayans put it.)

It was the “Japhites” from which it is believed that “Europeans” descended from whereas the other “races” are thought to have come from the other “Tribes” (Hamites and Shemites).(Other researchers also postulate that some Europeans were brought or followed to this planet from another planetary body by a non-human malevolent and technologically advanced race, who upon arrival went to war with a technologically advanced Dark Skinned(Kemetic/Nubian) race who were already inhabiting this planet).

As time moved on from the time of the last “Deluge/Flood/PoleShift” it is generally believed(or shall I say “speculated”, as this word seems more “apt” within this perspective context) that these three tribes “multiplied” and were thus divided into more categories. These include; “Visigoths”, “Saxons”, “Ethiopian”, “Carthaginians”, “Jews”, “Arabs” etc…
(Now, it is imperative to your understanding of this subject matter, to know that the terms “Hamite”, “Japhite” & “Shemite”..etc, are but further examples of the “Division of Self”. These types of “terminologies”, if you will, were unknown in the ancient world, only coming into existence in relatively “modern” times of so called “civilised society”, as a somewhat flawed/feeble attempt to classify and/or categorise the indigenous peoples of the ancient world. The fact that these somewhat erroneous terms have also been included within today’s biblical mythological material, which is really a mixture of allegory, historical manuscript and metaphor, as well as cryptogram all rolled into one, serves very little, other than adding to the perceived “confusion” of most individuals who reside in the so called “modern” society of today’s “civilised” world.)

Anyway,…As I was saying…
It was not until after the renaissance that the human race was divided according to colour. This was an ideology that was promoted by white supremacists who were instructed to do so by their “Hidden-Masters”(Who aren’t even human lololol),  for the sole purpose of oppressing the darker skinned nations of the planet, in order to keep the planetary vibration within a lower frequency spectrum.

(The darker skinned nations are believed to have been in-tune/at-one with the earth, and their cultural habits and ritualistic practices causes the vibratory frequency of the planet to increase. These so-called “hidden masters” cannot allow this to happen because they need “human-beings” to feed off of as well as dominate. If this frequency vibration rises, it will cause most of us to “ascend”, and by doing so these negative entities will be left behind with no source of sustenance lololol)

After the 17th century a “supremacist” known as Johann F. Blumenback classified humans into five categories;
Caucasian, Mongolian, Ethiopian, American(Native Americans) and the Malayan.  He even postulated that the Caucasian was the original and most superior race and claimed that the purest “white people” originated from the Caucasus Mountains.

The “Caucasus Mountains” is also the location from which, many researchers believe that the Hindu belief system originated. However, my research suggests that this belief system was infiltrated by these “Hidden Masters” and thus, led to the initialisation of the “Hindu-Caste System”. This system was created for the purpose of, once again, oppressing the darker skin “peoples” within society and thus lowering the vibratory frequency of the planet in order to keep “us” within this level of existence.

To cut a long story short, and to cut to the chase, this type of infiltration has happened on a global level.

The main points are as follows

1. The “PoleShift” that ended the “Third Cycle” took place in the not so distant past. This catastrophe caused these “Hidden Masters” to lose all of their Advanced Technology. The disaster also caused those who remained here, within this physical realm, to lose all of their memories as well as the knowledge of the ancient past (This is due to the fact that during such an event, the magnetism that holds all perceived reality in place breaks down; the barriers between “realms” are no-more and “all” can be seen by “all”. Plus all material formed by something other than a natural process also breaks down and crumbles into “nothing”, hence why “their” technology is lost during this process) Therefore, civilisation had to start all over again from “scratch”.

2. The “Hidden Masters/ Negative Entities” (who are actually from another “Star System”) are trapped upon this planet and are in need of escape. This “PoleShift”, that occurs far too often as far as they are concerned, continues to delay their advancements upon enacting their agenda.

3.Therefore, the actions beliefs and attitudes of “human beings”, within this “Fourth Cycle/Fourth World”, have purposely and deliberately been influenced as to keep “Human Beings” occupied and within a lower vibration. Thus providing these “Negative Entities” with the time needed to re-develop their lost technology, as well as having “human beings” as an available food source.

4. Finally, a wide range of dogmatic belief systems have therefore been employed in order to keep “Human Beings” in-line and under control, one of these include “Racism/White Supremecist-Dogma”. Genetically, these “Negative Entities”  find it much easier to control and manipulate certain members of the Caucasian Race who are of a particular bloodline. Hence the reason why the majority of those in positions of power are of this particular ethnic group, and thus the reason why the lighter skinned nations are elevated above those of a darker shade.

The etymological breakdown and background of the word “Racism” dates back to 1936 where the term “Race” (which dates back to 1570, used to describe a group of people of common origin) was used as a prefix and added to the suffix “ism” in order to describe someone who believes in the superiority of a particular “Race”.

All of the above is written according to my sources.

A bit more than 2 pence this time lolololOLol

Let the Beat, or shall I say, Let the Vibration Go On, let us JUMP to the rhythm like the Masai and Bring Up the Vibration of our Celestial Mother known as Planet Earth.


End of Response from 1st October 2010

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