You are about to read a Spiritual/Philosophical Newsletter. That which is written below was done so in October 2010 in response to a question I received via email.

The Question was as Follows; “is Love just a marketing ploy…”?

The Response Reads as Follows;.

My Answer…In my opinion, based on my research…

In short, No, “Love” is not just a marketing ploy although it is used as such by those who seem to be in “control” of…….”Us”.

This, they achieve by using various channels of communication (TV, Radio, Internet …etc) to confuse the populace into mistaking other emotions for “Love”. (For example; a man who claims to love his wife even though he subjects her to violent abuse everyday. Some, not all, of these perpetrators actually believe that they love the woman in question. This mind-state arises due to “confusion” over the definition of the word “Love” and also implicates the “Violent Husband” as an individual who is in need of psychiatric attention, not unlike the majority of human beings on this planet …lolol). 

Although there are supposedly, many forms/types of this so-called “Love”, (“Pragmatic-Love or Pragma“, “Romantic-Love or Eros“…etc), my research leads me to conclude the following;

“The many dimensions of this so-called emotion of “Love” are nothing but mental manifestations of the rational-minds attempt to explain the numerous angles from which this “emotion” can be viewed/mis-viewed and, therefore, utilised.”

Those who seem to be in control, have been able to utilise the immense power of this high frequency “Emotional-Etheric-Force” by manipulating us into causing ourselves and others to experience the exact opposite, PAIN. (My research indicates that negative emotions such as “Fear”, “Pain”, “Hate” …etc exhibit a low frequency vibration, in contrast to positive emotions such as “Love”, “Happiness”,”Elation”..etc which conversely emit a high frequency, “Love” being the HIGHEST!)

“Love” is not that far removed from the “Ether” itself. This “Ether” or “Etheric Realm/Spiritual Realm” is the underlying source of this reality, including all that we “feel” on an emotional level. It is a realm of “Pure-Love” that exists behind the other three. (These are “The Mental Realm”, which exists behind “The Astral Realm”, which in-turn exists behind the realm inhabited by us physical incarnations as well as various other beings, “The Physical Realm”).

Within this realm of “Pure Ether/Pure Love”, No “Evil” can exist. This is because the vibrational frequency is too high for such a low frequency emotion to be sustained indefinitely, and so “Evil” will attenuate into “nothing” in the midst of “Pure/Love”. (lol..this is the reason why the “Negative Entities” who seem to be in control of “Us” are against the “positive-ritualistic-practices” of the indigenous peoples of the earth. If these “ritualistic practisesare allowed to proceed, the outcome would be the raising of the vibrational frequency of the globe, bringing the planet to a higher vibrational level. These “Negative Entities” will then, therefore cease to exist …lolol)

So in conclusion, the word, and therefore the emotion, of “Love” is utilised by those within perceived control as a tool to divide and manipulate “Us” into feeling the polar opposite of the definition of the word in question. The driving force behind this utilisation is the attempt to retard the natural and inevitable rise of the vibrational level of the planet (which will inevitably take place regardless of what they may try to put in place to prevent it…lolol).

Therefore, from the perspective of the “Negative-Tyrants” of this “world”, yes, “Love” is a Marketing Ploy. But more importantly, it is our greatest source of Power/Strength. If more individuals were aware of this fundamental and universal truth we would reach a higher vibrational level of existence sooner, rather than inevitably later.

In my opinion, based on my research.

2 pence…lolol


End of Response from 10th October 2010

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